Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rest In Peace Marshall Rogers

I just heard that one of my favorite artist passed away a few days ago. I know to some it is old news but it makes me sad to hear that Marshall Rogers has died. He was one of the first artist whose style I recoginzed by just glancing at it. I met him at a convention in Cincinnati and got him to autograph issue 479 of Detective comics. For some reason comic and science fiction conventions are not heavily promoted in Cincinnati so the line was not long for Mr. Rogers but it was the longest line there. I happily waited for him. His apperance there was unannounced so I had to buy the Detective comics there as I didn't know I should have brought one of his issues to sign. We had a small conversation but I don't remember what was said. He will be missed. The above photo I got from this Marshall Rogers fan site.

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