Thursday, April 19, 2007

DC Digest Ad

Yes in the 1980's DC comics tried to conquer the digest book dept. These were the books that sell at the check out counter in department stores and mini-marts. At the time the price for them was less then $1 and for the amout of stories inside it was a pretty good deal. Most of the stories were reprints but if you never read them before then its new to you. Archie comics had the best success with them and Harvey comics had some success. It is a money making part of the publishing market as it is based on last minute impulse buying. It's greatest success, till they changed format, was TV Guide. This was one of DC comics failed marketing attempts. It only lasted a few years. It took Archie years before it had any success in this part of their publishing history and now that part nearly supports their company. Perhaps DC should have stuck it out. However, I am glad they didn't. It is disappointing to me that the only Archie comics I see in my area are the digest. I would hate to have seen that happen to Superman and his company of friends.

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