Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Archies

As I said before the previous mentioned Ron Dante was the lead singer of the Archies. It was produced by Don Kirshner after he left (was fired) by the Monkees. He got involved with Archie comics to have an outlet for his music after he was fired. As you may know they had a few hits like Sugar, Sugar then Bang Shang A Lang, Jingle Jangle. The above album was a gift to me from my parents. There are no hits on it but the music is very good. The songs are Sunshine, Who's Gonna Love Me?, Mr. Factory, Love and Rock and Roll Music, Over and Over, Waldo P. Emerson Jones, A Summer Prayer for Peace, Dance, Comes the Sun, Suddenly Susan, One Big Family, It's the Summertime great bubblegum music. Again here is the site to Ron Dante I don't know that Sunsine is still available but you can search Amazon and see the ones that they have available. Posted by Picasa

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