Saturday, November 26, 2005

A tribute to Amazing Fantasy 15 and Spider-Man 2nd in a series

Hi! My name is David and boy do I have a story to tell. You see one day I was just walking home when I this guy throwing out all these comic books. I asked him why he threw them in the garbage can. He told me he was too old for that stuff now. He didn’t look much older then me. I’m 13 and he didn’t look older then 15 or 16. I asked him if I could have them he and he said it was ok. He even helped me carry them home.
When we got to my house Mom opened the door. He told her that he gave them to me. She thanked him and he went home. When Mom closed the door she told me that I should not have taken them from a strange man but she would let me keep them if they seemed ok after she checked them out. When she was done the only ones that she said I couldn’t keep were those that had a guy named Dr. Strange. I was happy keeping the ones like Spider-man Fantastic Four and Iron Man. When I looked at the Spider-Man collection I couldn’t believe what I saw. Amazing Fantasy 15! This was the first Spider-Man story. Finally I was going to read the book that my friends and I had only heard about. As I opened the cover I noticed someone wrote a name at the bottom of the page. It hit me as odd that someone would write that name on the first page. Maybe it was part of a joke or maybe it was the name of the guy who gave me the book. Either way I was about to read the first story of my favorite hero. When I was done reading it I was drained. I couldn’t believe what Spider-Man went through. He was an orphan who was raised by his Aunt and Uncle. Then after that burglar broke in he lost his Uncle. Then he had to find out that he could have stopped the murder but didn’t. At least he learned his lesson from it and became one of the greatest superheroes in the world.
The next day I was at school. During study hall I was telling my friends about how I was now the proud owner of Amazing Fantasy 15. They were all very impressed. One kid who was listening was Harry. Harry was new in school. We had talked before and were on the way to being good friends. After school some of my friends asked if they could stop by and see the book. Most of them lived nearby. Harry heard us and asked if he could come too. I said sure it would be ok.
When we all got to my house was Mom surprised. There was at least a dozen and, much to Mom’s relief, they all said they couldn’t stay long. All of them got to read the Spider-Man story and were amazed that someone had written in the book.
When we were all done everyone left but Harry. He asked if he could get a ride home. It turned out that Harry lived on the other side of town. Dad was home by then and said he would give him a ride. Just before we left Harry asked if he could borrow my book. I didn’t want to seem like a bad friend since our friendship was just getting started so I let him take it home. I went with them and when we got to a stop light Harry got out. Dad stopped him but Harry said “It’s ok!” He pointed to a small dry cleaners with an apartment over it. “We live over that store.” Dad saw that there was no place for him to park so he said ok. The light turned green just as Harry got to the front door. We turned the corner to go home. As I was watching to see where Harry went Dad told me I should never bring home that many friends at one time without notice. I was still trying to see Harry. We were farther away now and I could barely see him but it looked like he didn’t go in. He was walking across the street with my Amazing Fantasy 15.
The next week at school I never got to talk to Harry. If he saw me coming down the hall he would duck into a classroom. If we had a class together he would not sit near me. Finally, I realized unless I did something I would never see my book again. On Saturday afternoon I went to the local drug store to buy my usual comic book, Reese Cup and Coke. Just as I entered the store I saw Harry at the comic book rack. He had not seen me so I went back out. I took my bike and hid in the alley between the drug store and the jewelers. Harry came out and got on his bike. When he was far enough away I started to follow. I was determined to find out where he lived.
I followed for almost 5 blocks when he stopped in front of a white frame house. He went up and opened the front door and went inside. I waited for him to leave. I didn’t have to wait long. I saw his Mom and Dad back their car out of the garage. Harry was in the backseat. They pulled out of the driveway. Then drove up the street. When they turned the corner I ran to the front door. I tried to open it but they locked it before they left. I tried ever door and window till I found a window that would open. I felt like my hero Spider-Man. I was taking action to right a wrong. I was going to be a hero. As I climbed inside I could see that it was the bathroom window. Once inside I quickly found Harry’s room. I searched all around till I finally found the book under his bed. I can’t believe he would keep this under his bed. He didn’t deserve a book such as this.
Suddenly I heard a door open. There were voices coming from the front of the house.
“I can’t believe that I forgot my wallet.”
“Well honey it’s a good thing you remembered before we got too far away.”
“Hey Dad! Can I get something from my room?”
“Well be quick about it. We don’t want to keep your Grandma waiting.”
Oh my gosh they came back and Harry is headed this way. There wasn’t enough time to get to the bathroom window. If I hurry I might have enough time to get out Harry’s window. I quickly remove the latch and push. Oh no! It’s stuck! I keep trying till it budges enough and I can squeeze through. I fall to the ground and start to run but then I hear a sickening sound. From behind me I hear a loud thud followed by breaking glass. Harry’s Mom and Dad asking what was that. I don’t stop to luck I keep running till I get to my bike and then I peddle as fast as I can.
I did it. I got back the book that he stole from me. Then why do I feel so bad?
I stayed home and in my room the rest of the day. For some reason I felt this would give me an alibi. Why should I need an alibi? All I did was get back what was mine.
Later that night we got a phone call. Dad answered the phone and from what I heard it was about Harry and the book. When he got off the phone he just looked at me and I knew I was in trouble.
“David, what happened to that book you let Harry borrow?”
“He…well he…he gave it back.”
“When did he give it back?”
“When did you see him today?”
“When I went to the drug store.”
“Now David you didn’t see Harry at the drug store. He was with his parents at that time.”
“I did too see him at the drug store. He…eh…well he just didn’t see me.”
I told Dad the whole story and boy was he mad. He didn’t yell or scream like he does. He was madder then that. He didn’t say a word and he just stared at me for a minute or two. Those two minutes felt like two years. Then he finally said something.
“Get your coat. We’re going to see Harry.”
As I started to get my coat Dad added something else.
“Don’t forget the book. You’ll have to give it back to him.”
“But Dad…”
“No buts. You broke into his house. You stole what was really his property till he gives it back to you. Then you broke a window on the way out. You could go to jail for that. I could too since I’m your Father.”
I hadn’t thought of it that way. He was right we both were in trouble.
In a few minutes we were at Harry’s home talking to his parents.
“I‘m sorry I broke into your house and stole the book.”
Harry’s Dad looked at Harry.
“When were you going to return his book to him?”
“When I was done with it.”
“Harry you were done reading it a half hour after you got it home.”
“Yeah but I wanted to keep it for awhile.”
“Alright I wasn’t going to give it back. We move so much I thought we would be gone before anything like this happened.”
Harry’s Dad held his hand out for my Dad.
“Don’t worry about anything we’ll take care of it. Harry is done with the book anyway”
“ We’ll at least pay for the window.”
“No that’s alright.”
“No I insist. David needs to take responsibility for his actions.”
“Well ok.”
As we left I couldn’t believe it. All I had to do was pay for the window and I still got to keep my book.
In the car Dad placed his hand on my shoulder.
“Don’t think you’re going to keep that book.”
“If it makes you act like this you don’t deserve it.”
“You mean I have to throw it away!”
“Get rid of it anyway you can.”
For almost a week I avoided throwing it away or giving it away. Dad must have been getting impatient. Thursday he came home with news for me.
“I sold your book.”
I didn’t understand as the book was still in my room.
“The mailman at our office said his boy was crazy about Spider-Man. I told him about your book and he offered me $5 for it. I took it so I have to give him the book tomorrow.”
I knew better then to ask him for the $5. Almost as if he could read my mind Dad said to me.
"And the $5 is going toward fixing the window you broke."
Dad went into my room and got the book. The next morning he took it to work with him and I never saw that book again. Spider-Man did teach me an important lesson. Like the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. Posted by Picasa

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