Friday, December 16, 2005

1980 Christmas Comic

Yes from 1980 Archie's Christmas Love In. Most of the stories are very good. All of them are entertaining.The first story was one of the weaker ones. They see a street Santa get fired and offer him a job to help the Archies raise money for charity by caroling with them. Of course it is a success. Who can say no to Santa? The best is titled "The Guest" Archie and the gang are full of Christmas cheer at school. However, Miss Grundy, Miss Beazley and Mr.Swenson are grumpy. Later at home when Archie is talking to his Dad he tells Archie that some people are alone on Christmas and they get grouchy and out of sorts seeing happy familes at this time of year. Archie then tells his parents of Miss Grundy, Miss Beazly and Mr. Swenson. The story ends with them celebrating Christmas with the Andrews family. Anoter good one is "Fron the Heart" Archie and Betty have saved to have enough money to spend on Christmas gifts for their friends. They see a friend from school named Ernie. He is selling chestnuts on the corner to raise money for Christmas. His Dad is in the hosptial and they have no money. Archie and Betty decided to give Ernie all the money they saved. When they tell Reggie and Veronica they can't exchange gifts they get called cheapskates. However, Ernie shows up and thanks them for what they did. When Ernie leaves Reggie tells them to forget about the gifts. Just being friends of Archie and Betty is gift enough. Then he offers to by them Cokes. If you see this at your local comic shop buy it. The book is pretty good. Posted by Picasa

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