Friday, December 16, 2005

Captain Atom Armageddon #3 print error

See the page above. It is from Captain Atom Armageddon #3. The story is good. The art is good. Every thing about it is good. DC and Wildstorm thought it was so good they printed it the same book. At least they did in the one I bought this week. It wasn't the only page as there was about 3 more pages printed that way in mine. I may even be missing important parts of the story. On the page before this one Capt. says to the President "We need to talk." Then on this page the first thing he says is "Only human? What sort of thing is that to say?" Who said it? No one in the book I bought. Then when I turned the page there was the same page looking back at me. Then I knew what happened. Some pages were printed twice and the other pages were accidentally left out. I know accidents happen but I hope this doesn't happen again.
I know this series to to bring about changes in Capt. Atom and the Wildstorm universe but I hate the new costume. He looks like someone went crazy with the spray paint. Posted by Picasa

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