Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Invaders...A Quinn Martin Production

Anyone remember this tv show? When all the other kids were getting into Star Trek I was getting into this show. It starred Roy Thinnes. He was David Vincent who got lost and wound up on a dead end road. There he saw a space ship landing in a field. He is the only witness to their secret invasion. He is on the run from being killed by the aliens and trys to convince people that he meets that we are being invaded. It was part Fugitive, part War of the Worlds. The show was really good and I have 6 VHS tapes of the show that I never wanted to part with but I need some money so I have them up for sale on e-bay. If you want to bid you can click on the title or here
It is a one day auction so you should bid now. Posted by Picasa

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