Sunday, December 11, 2005

Davy Jones on TV Land

Monkees and Davy Jones fans may already be aware of this. For those who aren't I have just read on Davy's site that he will be on a mini-series on TV Land. In March 2006, TV LAND will launch "Living in TV Land", a series based on a 2004 special that chronicled a day at the racetrack with Eight Is Enough pop Dick Van Patten. The roster of "day in the life of" stars will include none other than Davy Jones! You can read more about it by going to his site Not to be little Davy or anything like that. I just have to wonder why is it that when I hear a network do something like this and they want to include the Monkees it is only Davy they go to? I would also like to see a day in the life of the other three Monkees. Perhaps they do go and ask them and they just say no. Anyway I plan to watch and I hope you do to. Posted by Picasa

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