Thursday, December 08, 2005

Betty & Veronica Christmas Spectacular 1980

Here is another Christmas photo. Sorry I miss some days showing these but I have been busy lately. The book is from 1980 and the stories are very good. It is amazing how fresh they keep these characters. My favorite is The "Nice" Time. Veronica decides that people should be nice all year long. Not just at Christmas. She gets all of the girls to do this. Everybody notices the difference. Mr. Weatherbee is shocked to find out that Veronica is even being tolerant even of Jughead. The boys compliment the girls in the new attidue. The only one that they didn't notice the difference in was Betty. The girls ask why can't she make and effort to be nicer. The answer from the boys was "You can't upgrade perfection." There are other funny stories like Veronica wearing a designer original. A red outfit with white fur and always had to remind people it is not a Santa outfit. The first story is a contest to find the best Santa at the Christmas party. Who wins? The real Santa of course. If this is at your local comic book shop it makes an enjoyable light Christmas reading. Posted by Picasa

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