Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Beyond Tomorrow

Her is your Chrismas photo of the day. This is an old movie that I found out last year. It was a steal at K-Mart for $1.99. It is Christmas Eve and 3 wealthy old men are lonely for company. They each toss a wallet out the window of the townhouse to see what honest person will return them and hopefully spend Christmas eve with them. A working girl Jean returns one then later an up and comming singer named James returns another. They both stay with the men. James and Jean are attracted to each other. Both become good friends with the 3 men and the men do what they can to help James and Jean become husband and wife. After all 3 men die in an accident their spirits linger on to help James and Jean. It is a wonderful story and if you have the chance to watch it you should. Posted by Picasa

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