Saturday, January 07, 2006

Marjorie Monaghan

Above is a photo of actress Marjorie Monaghan. She was on B5, Space Rangers, and a few episodes of Star Trek. She went to high school not too far from where I went and we are about the same age. Since she has family and friends in this area she accepts to be in conventions that are in this area. She told me that when I met her at the convention where I got the above autograph. Years later I saw her at another convention. She started to get me another photo to sign but I told her I didn't need the autograph. I shook her had and just told her that I enjoyed talking to her the last time and wanted to say it was nice to see her again. She said thank you and then I left. Flash forward a few more years to another convention. Ms. Monaghan is at another convention I am attending. As she is walking around the convention she keeps looking at me. I don't know why and wonder if I should ask her why but decide not to. At that time I was trying to get the cast of Babylon 5 to all sign a photo that I have. I get to her and as she signs it she ask who she should say it is to? I tell her that's not necessary because she personalized the last photo she signed for me. She just says "That's where." That's when I knew she was trying to place where she remembered me from. Someone told me since she and I went to high school near each other I should have acted like I was an old boyfriend. That might have been funny to me but I doubt she would have liked it. Anyway it is nice to know that I left a nice impression with her. Ms. Monaghan if you are reading this I want you to know that youi made my day at that convention in Cincinnati. Posted by Picasa

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