Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Peter Tork.

Happy Birthday today to the Monkees Peter Tork. Peter was born on Feb. 13th. Thanks for all the wonderful music Pete and the good times. I hope you had a happy day today. The above photo is from Mary Spooner who runs this celebrity site. You can vist Peter's site by clicking here. Now I have always liked each one of the four Monkees. But I was always quiet growing up and Peter and Mike were the two quiet Monkees from my point of view. Neither were comedians like Micky and the show only had Davy as the ladies man. Mike was even more vocal then Peter. I was quiet like Peter. So the two that identified with were Mike and Pete. Mostly Peter. Peter seemed more down to earth on the show and from what I have read he is like that in real life. Posted by Picasa

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