Sunday, February 12, 2006

Keith and Stan

My friend from my church, Keith, is as crazy about comics as I am. Recently he was able to get a last minute ticket to a speech Stan Lee gave. I had not heard about it but Kieth did just in time. Mr. Lee was just outside of Dayton Ohio in Clark County on Jan. 24th. Keith e-mailed me this photo the other day and gave me permission to use it on this site. That is Keith sitting next to Mr. Lee. Normally Keith doesn't have a smug look. I think he knew he was going to be mailing me this photo. Along with the photo Keith got 2 autographs. I am normally not the jealous type but I couldn't be more jealous if this were Steve Ditko or Jack Kriby he met. Of course the Kirby meeting will never happen and chances are slim to none for Ditko. But Keith I am glad you got to meet one of your favorite writers. Posted by Picasa

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