Saturday, February 04, 2006

Origin of Pureheart

Yes this is the Origin of Pureheart but it was also the 1965 Life with Archie Christmas issue, not that you can tell from the cover. If you look closely at the date on the issue it also is dated February. For those who don't know comic books use to be cover dated 3 months in advance. The publishers did this because stores and newstands would throw out or send back any books that were past their cover date. Being dated 3 months ahead ment that a comic book could stay for sale on the rack for those 3 months. At least that was in theory. I don't remember seeing any comic books stay longer then a month at the stores I frequented. A few did get to stay a little longer at my local drug store thanks to my help. How did I help? Well in the 70's comic books cost 25 cents. Sometimes I would have 50 cents when I went to the store. With tax included I would only have enough for 1 comic book. So I wouldn't have enough for 2. I didn't want to take a chance that they would sell out before I could buy them. So I hid one between the magazine stand and the wall. I don't recommend this as in hindsight I realize it was wrong. Because I was preventing someone else from enjoying the issues and I was depriving the store from making money off of them in their regular amount of time. How could that be? I bought them anyway didn't I? Wrong I bought some of them. You see I did this so many times that some were pushed farther back. WhenI tried to retrive them I couldn't reach them. It was a few months later when they changed the layout of the store that the owners found those books and put them back on the comic book rack. By that time I changed my mind and didn't want them anymore. Someone else probably bought them but it took the store maybe 6 months instead of 3 months to get the return on their investment. It probably played havoc with the stores accounting too. So to the owners of the drug store I am sorry.
Now back to this issue. The first story deals with the PH factor. Archie reads that if he has a pur heart and contrates hard enough. He can get the power of the Pureheart to give him superpowers. He sees a crime happen and does this. He stops the crime but finds a drawback to it. When the power goes away if clouds the minds of anyone who was around. So no one remembered what he did. Archie said it's no fun being a hero if you don't get any credit.
Note the costume. It is orange and blue. No cape. No boots or gloves. Don't get use to it. This will all change in the future.
The 2nd story deals with Archie and the gang decorating Pop Tate's for Christmas. Some other guys come in and get out of control and trash the place and leave. Archie and Veronica convince Mr. Andrews and Mr. Lodge to loan Pop Tate money to fix up the place. So they go to take alook at it after the place is closed. The see the same guys sneaking back in. They call the police. Only when the police arrive they find that the guys snuck back in not to rob Pop but to fix his place up. They said that they destroyed the place so it was up to them to repair the damage they had done. Mr. Lodge and Mr. Andrews decided that they would use the money they were going to give Pop to repair the place but use it for a Christmas party instead. Everyone had a good time and a happy ending. Posted by Picasa

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