Friday, February 03, 2006

Pureheart the Powerful and company

Well I don't have the cover to this book any more. However, I said in an earlier post that the Archie version of Dr. Doom (I wonder what Marvel Comics had to say about the name? Maybe keeping him out of that suit of armor saved them legal problems.) appeared in another comic book and this is the one. It is Life With Archie #50. It was 1966 and by now Marvel and DC had created a boom in the superhero market. Archie comics did what they could to create their own superheros. I do believe they tried to bring back the Jaguar, the Shield and the others they had but had not used in years. Still they also tried to make Archie and his friends into superheroes. For me it was fun to see. However there were alot of inconsistencies in the books. Archie kept changing his name. He was called Pureheart the Powerful, Captain Pureheart and sometimes just Pureheart. The rest kept the same names. Jughead was Captain Hero. Reggie was the arch villian as one of the best name for a supervillian...Evilheart. Betty had the dumbest name for a hero at that time. Superteen! The uniforms kept changing on them them also. I will show you more covers on those later. The really dumbest character in comics was revealed when it showed that all of Veronica Lodge's best friends were these super powerful beings and she didn't know who they were. Yes they said that the magic that gave them these powers clouded the minds of innocent bystanders so they wouldn't remember the adventure. However, during the adventure, since at least 3 of them didn't wear mask. Shouldn't she have noticed that those 3 looked alot like Archie, Betty and Jughead? Well they were fun to read then and fun to re-read now. They were briefly brought back some years ago but I missed that storyline. Hopefully they will be done again and still have that element that alot of todays comic books are missing. FUN! Posted by Picasa

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