Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WHKK The Series Part 2

TVN: There was a feud that started between you and TV Guide in 1982. Wasn’t there?

RP: I have read that TV Guide called it a feud but it wasn’t. It was really a misunderstanding.

TVN: Wasn’t it over an interview that you did with them?

RP: No that is part of the misunderstanding. I didn’t give them an interview they didn’t even ask me for one. They interviewed Mike Reed who was added to the cast that year. I guess I should clear this up now once and for all. They had interviewed Mike but for some reason I was on the cover of the magazine. You see the title of the interview was the new DJ who puts the Rock in Christian Rock. That was refering to Mike’s new character on the show. However, they wanted a person on the cover that the public already knew. I flat out told them know they should have Mike on it since the article was about him. I saw someone on the set taking pictures and thought it was a friend or the producers so I let him take pictures of me. Next thing I know one of them is on the cover of TV Guide. Mike and I were both upset because we both thought he was going to be on the cover. We called them up and asked them why he was not on the cover. They said they had to have the star of the show on the cover. I told them they should have taken a cast photo then because I am not the star. It is an ensemble cast. Or they could have had Mike and I on the cover together.

TVN: On that cover you look like you are handing something to somebody. Who is it?

RP: Yeah! My cousin Randy was on the set that day. He is a ventriloquist and that week we filmed our homage to Edgar Bergen. Randy was hired as a DJ who did his ventriloquist act on the radio.

TVN: A ventriloquist on the radio?

RP: Well it did work for Edger Bergen.

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