Friday, March 17, 2006


TVN: Was it hard getting in touch with the rest of the cast?

RP: Not with Marlin, Chuck and Mike. The four of us kept in touch over the years. I did keep in contact for awhile with Colson and Jeff but lost touch after awhile. I lost touch completely with Steve, Nancy, and Elizabeth after the show was cancelled. I tried to get in touch with them to do the movie but couldn’t find them. Actually I did see Nancy and Elizabeth once. I bumped into Nancy at Burger King and she had just had a baby. That was about 2 or 3 years after the show was cancelled. Around that time I bumped into Elizabeth at McDonald’s. She was just out to eat with some friends. I had just gotten there and she was just leaving.

TVN: Burger King and McDonalds?

RP: I know it isn’t healthy but I like fast food. Chuck once said if the restaurant didn’t have neon lights and chrome Rick won’t eat there.

TVN: Did any comical events happen with the rest of the cast?

RP: Well lets see Chuck was to be a groomsman but got nervous and at the last minute was changed to an usher and suddenly one of the ushers became a groomsman. There was some funny stuff with Mike that resulted in him missing the bachelor party. But everything worked out and we got married.

TVN: Wasn’t that one of the earlier TV Guides that started using more the one cover?

RP: Yes that is one of the collector cover ones. That really started by accident. They first put out one with my wife and I on the cover. But the printer made a couple of errors. One was when he didn’t name the show. It was the WHKK Wedding Reunion Special and he called it the Wedding Special. The other was on the date. The printer put the year on the date and at that time TV Guide didn’t put the year on the cover. They pulled it real fast and put one out with me and the guys on the cover. Actually that was also the first and only time that we made the cover of your magazine.

TVN: Yes and I remember that Mr. Reed had the cover all to himself. You said earlier that you really got married on the reunion movie.

RP: Yes not only was the date of the wedding March 17th in the movie but it was filmed on March 17th. So St. Patrick’s Day really is our anniversary. So on this day I have to say…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SWEETHEART! I LOVE YOU! Posted by Picasa

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