Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Sentinel On DVD

I just got The Sentinel Season one on DVD. It is a very good action series produced by the same people who brought you "The Flash." I watched most of the episodes before it went off the air but the one that I missed, even in re-runs, was the first episode. So I was very happy to get this DD boxed set. For those of you not familier with the series it is about Jim Ellison who was lost for a year and a half in the jungle. To survive, his five senses get sharpened to an amazing height. When he gets home he joins the police force. The rest of the series he is shown getting use to his new senses in the city and hoe they give him an edge over the criminals. It is sort of like Daredevil joining the police department and he can see. Get this DVD set if you see it for sale anywhere. Posted by Picasa

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