Saturday, May 13, 2006

Batman 1966 newspaper strips

I was just reading the book Batman: The Sunday Classics 1943-1946. In the back they had the above photos of the strips from Batman in the 1960's. The Batman strip came out at the height of the TV show fame. According to the book it was distributed by the Ledger Syndicate and written by Whit Ellsworth and later the great E. Nelson Bridwell. Art was supplied by a variety of artist from Sheldon Moldoff to Carmine Infantino to Nick Cardy. As you can see since they had the DC bullpen to pull from the art was probably the best of any cartoon newspaper strip of it's day. It says that the strip ran until 1974. I don't remember it lasting that long in my local newspaper. Knowing how the papers in this area tend to only follow the trends they probably only ran it for a year. By that time the show was about to be canceled so the strip was too. I was only about 5 or 6 when is came out but I still have a memory of my Mom, Dad and Grandma sitting in our living room. One of them opened up the paper to a full page ad showing in beacutiful black and yellow the Bat signal and announcng that Batman was comming to the cartoon section. At that time I couldn't read too much so I just looked at the pictures. I hope that someone puts a book out on the 1966 strips. That would really be great for us baby boomers. If you click on the photo above you should be able to read the strips. Posted by Picasa

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