Sunday, May 07, 2006

Captain America 1990

In recent years Marvel Comics has had alot of success with marketing their characters for movies. That has not always been the case. This movie aboiut Captain America is really not that good but for fans of Cap and comics it is a must have. The movie stars Matt Salinger as Cap and Ronny Cox as the President. Mr. Salinger looks great in costume and if the script and production had been better this could have been a major hit for him. The only thing is that the superheroics and getting him into costume didn't occur till the last few minutes of the film. Up till then we just dealt with the origins and the pains of being out of your own time era. It starts off, as any Captain America film should, in WWII. He is fighting the Red Skull. It is with the Red Skull that they show the first signs that this movie is on it's way downhill. As all lovers of comic books know the Skull is German. However, for the purpose of this film they made him Italian. I have not idea why. Also, the Skull feels that he and Cap are brothers of a sort because the super solider formula made them both what they are. For my generation that is not what made up the Red Skull. Hitler raised him to be the Red Skull and that was it. Anyway they have a fight that sends Cap to be frozen in ice. Years later in 1990 he is released from his icy prison and finds that the Red Skull is still alive planning on taking over the world. Part of the plan is that the Skull has to kidnap the President. Cap releases the President but when he fights the Skull it is Cap who is in trouble and President Ronny Cox delivers the fatal blow to the Skull and saves the day. Shouldn't the star of the movie who is known for fighting this villian be the one who saves the day?
This movie did get release in a straight to video format. Actually it was almost straight to video. The tape showed up at comic book conventions before the studio saw that there was some interest in it. Then they released an official version and later I saw it show up on television in syndication. Sorry for the poor scan photo. My tape didn't have a cover so I found this on the internet and printed it out to make a cover for the box. Posted by Picasa

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