Monday, May 08, 2006

Hey Cartoon Network! How About A Metal Men Series?

Well tonight was the final episode of one of my favorite shows. Seventh Heaven is now only in reruns and on DVD boxed sets. Another of my favorites will be that way after this Saturday night. Justice League will be no more on Cartoon Network according to what I have been reading. It has had a long successful run and the Teen Titans are still going strong so lets keep up the momentum. I think that the long neglected team of the Metal Men would make a wonderful addition to the Cartoon Network line up. It has adventure, romance, action, mystery and personality already built into it's main storyline. The action and adventure come naturally. There is romance between Doc Magnus and lovestruck Platinum. Gold is a natural born leader. Mercury is the hot tempered one in the group with a good heart. Tin seems timid and unsure of himself but will do all he can to prove his worth. Lead and Iron are the two strong men of the group. Also, did Doc Magnus bring these robots to life or is there something else involved in their origin that even Doc doesn't know about. If you are with Cartoon Network and reading this I urge you to talk to Warner Brothers/DC Comics and see if you can get this project going. Posted by Picasa

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