Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Calling Dr. McDreamy Loverboy

Even when he wasn’t every woman’s Dr. McDreamy Patrick Dempsey always got the girl in his movies. His most popular movie from that time is Can’t Buy Me Love. His second most popular is Loverboy. He plays Randy and is just home from college and broken up with his girlfriend. While home he gets the perfect summer job as a pizza delivery boy. His route takes him to the homes of the most beautiful women in Beverly Hills. The older women find him easy to talk to and fall for his charms. In the end there is a merry chase as his girlfriend tries to meet with him to make up. The husbands and boyfriends try to find out who the loverboy is and his own Mom calls for a pizza delivery. Everyone learns a lesson they will never forget in this coming of age comedy. This was a very funny movie that deserved the PG-13 rating that it got. If you want to see Mr. Dempsey at his comedic best rent or buy this film. Posted by Picasa

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