Monday, May 15, 2006

Corvette Summer

The year is 1978. You have just starred in the biggest blockbuster movie of all time. The movie that brought science fiction back to theaters and changed the face of films for all time. I am talking about Star Wars. So what is your next career move? Why of course star in a cheap teenage road comedy. Actually the movie wasn’t too bad. It stars Mark Hamill and Annie Potts with a small cameo role for former Partridge Family cast member Danny Bonaduce. The real star is the Corvette. The car was hot. The story revolves around Mark Hamill as a high school car fanatic who rebuilds a Corvette Stingray during his senior year of high school as a school project. When the car is stolen his search for the car takes him from Los Angeles to Las Vegas where he meets a would be hooker named Vanessa played by Annie Potts. They find the car and fall in with the ring of car thieves who stole it. They help the police bust the ring and get the car back. Mark finds out that his mentor his high school shop teacher was in with the thieves and had been setting up a lot of car thefts for them for years. So he has to have him arrested too. Mark’s character grows up a lot on his journey and drives the car back home with his new girlfriend. This is a fun, exciting adult comedy adventure disguised as a cheap teenage road comedy. I recommend that you rent or buy this movie. Eugene Roche also stars as the high school shop teacher. Here is a Corvette Summer fan site. Posted by Picasa

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