Sunday, May 21, 2006

Captain Nice 1967

Monday nights from Jan. 1967 to August of 1967 was a great time to watch television if you loved superheros. Why? Because as I mentioned in this posting. It was the night that both Mr. Terrific and Captain Nice were on television. The both premiered on Jan9th and both ended their run on August 28th. However Mr. Terrific was on CBS and Captain Nice was on NBC. You would almost think that the networks timed it that way. Mr. Terrific has faded into memory but Captain Nice is still rememberd by a few people. Perhaps it is because the writing was better. It was created by Buck Henry who co-created Get Smart. William Daniels played Carter Nash who created a formula that changed whoever drank it into Captain Nice. Carter was a reluctant hero. He hated being a crime fighter and didn't like flying as he had a fear of heights. Carter lived at home and his parents were the only ones who knew he was Captain Nice. His Mom, played by the wonderful Alice Ghostly, was a little overbearing. If she saw something that Captain Nice could solve she would threaten to drink the formula herself if Carter didn't do something. The thought of his Mom wearing the suit was more then he could bear so he drank the formula and saved the day. The other co-star of the series was Ann Prentiss as Carter's love interest Sgt. Candy Kane. Yes her name was Candy Kane. Maybe the writing wasn't that good. This show didn't seem to hurt Mr. Daniels career as he has since starred in the movie 1776 as John Adams, Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere, Mr. Feeney on Boy Meets World and was the voice of Kitt the car on Knight Rider. The man is all over pop culture. The same can be said for Alice Ghostly with her many guest apperances on Bewitched and becoming a series regular on Designing Women. My memory is abit faulty on Miss. Prentiss but I know I have seen her in other movies and tv shows. I just can't remember their names at this time. The photo of the comic book of Captain Nice #1 is from of this e-bay auction site. Posted by Picasa

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