Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amazing Man

Amazing Man was created in the 1980’s by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway but he was placed in the 1940’s were he fought side by side with the heroes of the Golden Age of comics. His name is William Everett an Olympic athlete who had a hard time finding work after the 1936 Olympics. He finally found work as a janitor. During an accident he developed the powers to take on the properties of anything that he touched.
However, he turned his abilities to evil when he was used as a henchman to the Ultra-Humanite. He soon changed sides when he became friends with members of the All Star Squadron. He eventually became a member of the Squadron. On another adventure with the team his powers changed and instead of mimicking properties he gained magnetic powers. Over time he retired and died of cancer. His Grandson inherited his mimic powers and took over the role of Amazing Man for a new generation. The first Amazing Man appeared in All Star Squadron #23.

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