Friday, February 09, 2007

The Falcon

The Falcon first appeared in Captain America #117. His real name is Sam Wilson. He was a crook from New York who was on his way to Rio when his plane crashed on an island. It was on this island that he was found by the Red Skull and his cosmic cube. Through the cosmic cube the Red Skull created a mental link between Falcon and his bird Redwing. He met with Captain America and they teamed up to defeat the Red Skull and in the process Captain America had found a new partner. With the help of Black Panther the Falcon was given a harness that enabled him to fly. He proved his worth over the years and became an upstanding member of the Avengers and Shield. He and Cap have remained friends but they now operate separately and know they can count on each others help if needed. Falcon has been able to extend his mental link to other birds and can see things through their eyes. He has recently joined Cap in the anti-registration Secret Avengers team in the Civil War mini-series.

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