Thursday, February 08, 2007


Jack in the Box is a superhero created by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson and Alex Ross in the Astro City comic book series. He was introduced in Astro City #3 in 1995. There have been three men who have been Jack in the Box. The original was named Jack Johnson. He was an inventive genius who was the first African-American to break into the toy manufacturing industry. However, he found out that the company he worked for, Whamco, was using his inventions for criminal purposes. In order to keep him quiet Whamco kidnapped his Father. Jack used his inventions to become Jack in the Box. He rescued his Father and others that Whamco had kidnapped and brought their criminal plans to light.
Jack Johnson decided to stay a superhero. His outlandish outfit combined with his sense of responsibility and his acrobatics made him seem like a cross between the Creeper and Spider-man. In time he married and had a son he and his wife named Zachary. He was able to keep his identity secret even from his family. Then one day he fell into a trap set by the Underlord. It seemed to the public that both had died in an explosion. It was after he died that Zachary found out that his Dad was Jack in the Box. He also found out that the Underlord was still alive and what his real name was. Zachary became the new Jack in the Box and brought his Fathers killer to justice. He led the public to believe that he was really the original Jack in the Box.
Recently Zachary found that his wife was going to have their baby. He didn’t want his child to grow up without a Father like he did. So he gave up the superhero business and groomed the current Jack in the Box, Roscoe James, to take his place.

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