Saturday, February 10, 2007

Night Thrasher

Night Thrasher was created by Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco in Thor #411. In many ways Night Thrasher was an answer to what Marvel Comics had been searching for years for. There answer to DC Comics Batman. Night Thrasher is Dwayne Michael Taylor a wealthy man who is good at inventing things. His parents were both murdered in front of him and as a result he became a crime fighter. He inherited his wealth from them and now runs the Taylor Foundation.
Night Thrasher started a new superhero group called the New Warriors. Members of the group were Nova, Speedball and Namora. The book was quite popular for a few years and got Night Thrasher his own series for a while. It even got Nova his own series again as he was the most popular member.
Earlier in the New Warriors series we saw that Night Thrasher had two guardians. Andrew Chord and Tai. Both were friends of his Fathers from when he fought in Vietnam. Later Night Thrasher was told by a team of criminals called Folding Circle that Tai had captured his Dad and his entire unit when in Nam. Tai was a guardian of a Temple and he used his mystic powers to influence the unit to have children with the women of the temple so he could sacrifice the children to his god for more power. NT’s Dad and Chord tried to stop her but didn’t. Now Chord was magically made to kill Taylors parents. Folding Circle was made up of Tai’s prophecy. The New Warriors tracked the Circle to the temple. The joined them in a battle against Tai where she was killed by the energy she tried to master.
Eventually Night Thrasher left the team to dedicate himself to running his foundation as he thought the real battles for justice were better fought in the boardrooms. In the process he disbanded the New Warriors.
The New Warriors got back together without Night Thrasher. Since they were still using equipment from the Taylor Foundation he monitored what the team was doing. At one point he rejoined them when they went to battle against the agents of the Hand.
The Taylor Foundation suffered some set backs and Night Thrasher made an agreement to have the New Warriors star in a reality show to avoid bankruptcy. The team traveled from town to town across the country to be the heroes for the common man. However, ratings were not good and bankruptcy loomed so to boost ratings they tried to arrest a quartet of villains in Connecticut. It was there that the villain Nitro caused a massive explosion that killed everyone in the area.
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