Tuesday, February 20, 2007

John Stewart Green Lantern

There have been many who have had the name Green Lantern but only one was African America. He is John Stewart and was created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams and first appeared in Green Lantern #87 in 1971. At the time Hal Jordan was the main Green Lantern and he was one of the replacements that would take his place if Hal was not able to perform his duties. He was never as popular as the other Lanterns but he was added to the Justice League cartoon series to make the team more diverse and that has increased his characters popularity.
In the 1980’s Hal Jordan gave up being GL and the Guardians of the Universe, who are the founders of the Green Lantern Corps, made John Green Lantern full time. He did a good job but his life suffered as a close friend was killed and he was falsely accused of murder. In the end he made two mistakes when he accidentally set free a serial killer and a terrorist. Hal Jordan came back as Green Lantern and came to blows with John. John had a hard time forgiving himself of his mistakes but eventually did and became the first mortal Guardian of the Universe when he was given charge of Mosaic world and called Master Builder.
For a time the Green Lanterns Corp was disbanded and those that remained acted on their own. Since then the Corp and the Guardians have refor med and now each space sector has two Lanterns. Our sector is guarded by Hal and John. Kyle Rayner who was seen for a few years as the last Green Lantern has since become the superhero Ion.

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