Friday, February 16, 2007

White Tiger

Over the years Marvel has had many claim the name the White Tiger. The third one was an African-American police officer named Kevin Kasper Cole. Cole first appeared in Black Panther #50 in 2002. He found the Black Panther costume and tried to take T’Challa’s place. It was Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, who told him it took more then being just a man in a panther costume to achieve his goals. He heard that there was an herb that if eaten he would have the powers of the Black Panther. He tried to get permission to eat it but had no luck. He took advantage of an offer from the evil Erik Killmonger who gave him a synthetic herb that gave him the powers and he became the White Tiger of the panther cult. He used his powers to track down a boy that Killmonger wanted found and it helped to lessen the debt he owed him. Currently the 4th White Tiger is Hectors niece Angela Del Toro. Kasper Coles whereabouts are not currently known. I would not be surprised if he was fighting Marvel’s Civil War. If the photo of this White Tiger is too blury I am sorry but it is the best picture I have of him.

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