Saturday, February 17, 2007


Vixen first appeared in Action Comics #521 she was co-created by writer Gerry Conway and going from what I have seen on the internet at this writing her other co-creator is either Bob Oskmer or Curt Swan. Being a Curt Swan fan I am rooting for him. Mari Jiwe McCabe is from Africa and she inherited the Tantu totem when her father was murdered. The Tantu totem was passed down to each generation in her family and was able to give the powers of the animal kingdom to anyone who would protect the innocent.
She moved to America and became a famous fashion model by day and a superhero by night. She was dating the Bronze Tiger but that relationship failed. Currently she has been known to date John “Green Lantern” Stewart. The money she earns as a model she uses to fund her fight on crime. In her superhero career she has been affiliated with groups such as the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Checkmate, Birds of Prey and the Ultramarine Corps.
Vixen was at Firestorms side during the Identity Crisis adventure. Shadow Thief killed Firestorm. However, when Firestorm exploded it only killed Ronnie Raymond. When Martin Stein was found still alive in space he joined with Jason Rusch to create a new Firestorm.

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