Sunday, February 05, 2006

Archie Pep 176

In honor of todays Super Bowl and in keeping with the current theme of Archie I am posting this cover of Pep #176 from 1964. It is the only football cover that I have from the Archie series of books. If you look closer you can see that Bob Hastings signed this issue. I met him at the Old Time Radio Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was also the announcer for the recreation of the Archie episode that weekend. Jughead and Betty were played by my cousin Steve and his wife Rene. It was a family affair.
Mr. Hastings is more famous for being on "McHale's Navy" and later had a role on "All In The Family." However, in radio he was the voice of Archie Andrews. There have been a many tries at making Archie a live television series but none have worked so far. Mr. Hastings is at present the most famous Archie Andrews. He has done other voice and acting work. Too many to mention here. However, he is almost equally famous as the voice of Comissioner Gordon from the Batman animated series. Anyway this is my Super Bowl post for today. Posted by Picasa

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