Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jughead as Captain Hero

Ok I was going to wait till tomorrow but I may not be able to post it then so I will do it today. Above is issue 7 of Jughead as Captain Hero. He is saving Veronica, Betty and Archie from the Dirty Demon. Saving Betty and Archie? Why would Pureheart and Superteen need to be saved? When I first read these stories I always wondered that. Since they were superheroes too why wait to be saved by someone else. Since Veronica forgot after every adventure they didn't have to worry about giving away their identies. This leads into how I think the books could have lasted longer and maybe helped the other Archie books. For each of their superhero books they should have a different supporting cast of characters. Then even if the books were canceled they could have been used in the other books. Also, like Pureheart, Captain Hero changed his costume. When he first appeared he had an almost all yellow uniform with a red cape. Now it is blue with a yellow cape and around the boots and gloves is his trademark beanie.
I have to go but just wanted to say that I read on the Archie comics site that when they did a mini-series on these characters Veronica finally got superpowers and was called...Miss Vanity. Posted by Picasa

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