Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Jughead Jones Interview Part 2

Earlier today I got a call from Jughead. He said that he wanted to tell me how Archie’s
concert went last night.

OMM: Thanks for calling you know you didn’t really have to.

JJ: That’s all right I’m happy to do it.

OMM: You don’t mind if I put this on my website do you?

JJ: Nope! I don’t mind at all.

OMM: OK! So what happened?

JJ: Well my family arrived early at Kleats Stadium so we could wish Arch good luck.

OMM: Wasn’t it cold this time of year to have a concert at a stadium?

JJ: Most places it would be but this is a dome stadium. We kept pretty warm. Anyway Cricket, the kids and I wished Arch good luck and took our seats.

OMM: Cricket? You married Cricket O’Dell?

JJ: Yeah! You remember her?

OMM: Sure do. She was one of the people in Riverdale that they interviewed once the Archies hit it big. Why are you surprised?

JJ: Because they interviewed our teachers, parents and friends like Moose, Dilton, Ethel and a few others hundreds of times. Cricket was only in the papers 2 or 3 times.

OMM: Well she left an impression. I don’t mean to offend you but she came off like a gold digger in those interviews. All she talked about was how you guys must be raking it in and she didn’t care for you or Archie before but now she did.

There is a long pause. Then Jughead speaks.

JJ: You have not hurt my feelings cause that is the way she can come off. Yes, we all knew that she was like that back then. She always hung around Veronica and Reggie because they had more money. When I came back to Riverdale she started dating me because she thought I had a lot of money. When I figured that out I told her the truth. I spent most of it on drugs but I was off of them now. That must have really touched her. She showed me caring and compassion that I thought was beyond her. We started seeing each other more and more. She got me going back to church. We both accepted Christ and got baptized on the same day. Not too long after that we were married. Later we gave birth to Archie and Cricket.

OMM: Oh that’s nice. You named your kids after your best friend and your wife.

JJ: Well they are two of the most important people in my life. Anyway Betty, Tracy and Fred sat with us.

OMM: Who’s Fred?

JJ: Didn’t I mention him last time? Fred is Archie’s boy. Archie named him after his Dad. Anyway Archie was introduced by Principal Doiley.

OMM: Dilton?

JJ: Yeah Dilton is the principal of the high school. Arch started out playing old 50’s tunes. After that he played some Beatles, Beach Boys and the Monkees. He stopped and explained that he played those instead of his tunes because those were the ones he grew up on and gave him the idea to start The Archies.

OMM: Something I’ve always wondered. Archie didn’t seem like a vain type of person. Why did he name the group after himself?

JJ: He didn’t the majority of the group said it should be called The Archies. Now I don’t mean to sound conceited but we were the most popular students in school. We wanted to play at the school dances and said it should be named after the most popular one in our group. Betty, Veronica and I said it should be The Archies. Arch was the most popular and his name sounds friendly and upbeat. Reggie freaked out. He thought we were going to name us The Reggies. To this day if he brings up a reunion he calls us The Reggies.

OMM: Did he play any Archies tunes?

JJ: Reggie? I don't know if he still plays them or not. (He laughs)

OMM: Come on you know I mean Archie.

JJ: Yes he did. Of course played Sugar, Sugar. Then he sang Bang Shang A Lang. Circle of Blue was neat because they showed a promo film that we did for it that had Arch chasing Veronica and she was after Reg and he was after Betty. They were all running in a circle.

OMM: I remember seeing that one. Today that would be called a music video.

JJ: Yes the Beatles, Elvis, The Monkees and The Archies. We were the parents of MTV. Other songs he did were We’re One Big Family, Seventeen Ain’t Young, Sunshine, and Sugar and Spice. He dedicated Tracy to his daughter. I’m just glad that he didn’t do Waldo P. Emerson Jones.

OMM: Why not?

JJ: Because the song was written about me.

OMM: Really? I never knew that.

JJ: Yeah! If you remember the character of the song said he thought he looked like Rock Hudson. He thought he was a superman and said he knows the Beatles and Jimmy Page. Then they would say but he’s just Waldo P. Emerson Jones. Well that was how I acted when I was on drugs. I thought I was better looking then I was and I name dropped like crazy. They wanted me to get the message but didn’t want to say but he’s Jughead Jones so they changed everything but the last name.

OMM: Well you both live in Riverdale so he probably left it out in case you came.

JJ: I think you’re right. The last song was to be Scooby Doo. During that song I looked around and way in the back I see Reggie and Ronnie. I had an idea. I told Betty and we went to see Reg and Ron. We told them our idea and they loved it. After the last song the crowd called for an encore. Betty said lets do this now because Archie doesn’t have an encore. I think Archie was about to do the Star Spangled Banner when he notice his back up band leaving. He looked puzzled till he saw the four of us coming on stage. We huddled together all with big smiles on our faces. Suddenly we all took our places. I got behind the drums. Reg got a guitar. Betty took a tambourine and Veronica the keyboards. When Betty stood behind the mike the crowd went wild and we played Jingle, Jangle.

OMM: Did you do anymore?

JJ: We did one more it was Who’s Your Baby. After that we left the stage.

OMM: So now are you guys going to reunite?

JJ: Reggie still says we should but I don’t think so. Maybe when they put us in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Archies were just kids having fun in a garage and we got lucky. Special moments like last night should be shared with those near and dear. Not exploited to make money. Reggie finally did tell us why he wanted a reunion. The Banana Splits reunion fell through and unless he comes in with a winner he might be sued for not delivering on his promise. Veronica told him maybe our old pals Josie and the Pussycats could help. She was talking to Josie last week and she was trying to get a reunion together. If that doesn’t pan out who knows maybe we will get back together.

OMM: In true Archie style, it’s to help out an old friend.

JJ: Well old friends are hard to find. Sometimes with Reg I think we should still be looking.

Jug laughs at his joke. He had to go. I thank him for the call. He says I can call anytime.
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Harvey Kinkle said...

This "interview" is great. I'm not sure what is more twisted: That you posted this interview, or that I'm a 46 year old man google searching Waldo P. Emerson Jones and that I understand every reference you make in this interview.

Thanks for this ridiculously enjoyable moment that I can probably never tell anyone about. "sing me sing me baby"

Rick said...

I know what you mean. I'm closing in on 50 and I still love the music of the Archies and the Monkees.
Glad you liked the fan fiction. I really enjoyed writing my Jughead Jones interviews.