Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tomorrow is Feburary 8th. It would have been my Dad's 76th birthday. There aren't too many men like my Dad around anymore. Not to me anyway. He was a good hard working Christian man. Devoted and loyal to my Mom and I. My Dad always had a job. He worked a full time job and had one or two part time jobs. Even when he retired he even had a part time job and helped around the chruch by visiting the shut ins. He passed away 12 years ago. He was a good husband and dad. In keeping with the Archie theme that I seem to be in I have a nice memory related to Archie. It was my Dad's rare day off and he was lying on the bed reading the paper. I went in and lay next to him. I was maybe 7 or 8 at the time and in the mood to ask questions that a boy thinks his Dad would know the answers to. Like why is the sky blue? You know what I mean. I was always asking why. I saw Dad was reading the funny papers and saw the Archie cartoon. I asked him something about Archie that puzzles me to this day. Why does Archie have a tic-tac-toe sign on the side of his head? Dad was finally tired of all the questions and gave the same answer that he gave to the other questions. "I don't know." Then he added something that he hadn't before. I think I hear your Mom calling you. I didn't hear her but I thought if Dad said so I guess she did. I found Mom in the kitchen and she said she didn't call me. I started to ask her some of the same questions. Finally Mom reached her point and said "I think I hear your Dad calling you." I went in and the living room and sat down. I wondered "What is going on here? I know Dad didn't call me." At least it is funny to me. I mentioned my Dad alot on this weblog. It is because I really miss him. But if you wonder why I don't have any photos of my Mom it is because Mom doesn't like her picture taken. So any photos of her are only for our family. Mom is just as hard a worker as my Dad. Every part time job Dad had he did with Mom. I am so glad that I still have her. My wife is jsut as hard a worker as my Mom. My wife never met my Dad but I have told her enough about him that I hope she knows the good and kind man he was. One day I will introuduce them face to face in Heaven. Happy Birthday Dad. The strawberry shortcake is on me. Posted by Picasa

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