Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hostess ads in comics

Over at Booksteve's Library he has a post talking about the Hostess ads from the 1970's that ran in First comics. I have read alot of comic books and I liked some of those that First Comics put out but I don't remember seeing those ads in their books. I do remember those from Marvel, DC and Archie. The one above with the Hulk is from 1978. They were one page adventures where the solutions always involved a Hostess product. Not too long ago Marvel did a mini-series called Spider-Man/Human Torch. Each issued showed them teaming up to fight someone but the series was really to show the progress these two have made in their friendship. One issue the problem was solved when Spider-man distracted the villians with pre-packaged fruit pies. Later he is shown on the phone calling an advertising company telling them about this great idea he has for an ad campagin for snack cakes. Very funny. My cousin showed a website to see more of these ads so I don't think he will mind if I direct you to these Hostess Comic Book Ads. Posted by Picasa

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Booksteve said...

Actually, those are most definitely NOT Hostess ads in E-MAN. They are in fact parodies making merciless, politically incorrect fun of the original ad campaign.