Sunday, February 26, 2006

Don Knotts of the Movies

Over at Booksteve's Library he has an good post of Don Knotts the movie star. In it he talks about my favorite Knotts film and his "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." I don't have a picture of that film to use here but the one I do have is almost as funny. "How To Frame A Figg" is about Don Knotts character finds that something crooked is going on at City Hall. He tells the Mayor but he is in on it. The try to bribe him with a big office and a company car. He can't be bought off and goes after the crooked officals himself. It has a great supporting cast with Joe Flynn, Yvonne (Batgirl) Craig and Frank Welker. It is directed by Alan Rafkin who went on to sit-com directing fame. Posted by Picasa

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