Saturday, March 04, 2006

Billy Jack

Recently I was over at Booksteve’s Library and saw he had this posting about Cissy Colpits who sometimes goes by the name of Cisse Cameron. This got me to thinking about the movie Billy Jack as his posting mentioned that she was a co-star in that film. I saw the movie when it first came out and didn’t remember anyone by either of her names in the film. I did research on the internet to see what part she played. It wasn’t hard to find the cast list on She was listed in the cast as playing “Miss False Eyelashes.”
This was definitely a film from a 1960’s point of view as Billy Jack was a pacifist who only gets violent when he sees racial injustice. All that to me is understandable. I am not here to talk about the politics of the film. I want this site to be free of politics. I am here to give a 10 year olds review of the film, at least as much of a review of the film that I saw and remember. The film was definitely made with adults in mind. I found it boring. The only time that it entertained me was during any fight scene. Even then to my young eyes it seemed staged. Adam West fighting Frank Gorshin on Batman had better fight scenes. Tom Laughlin, who played Billy Jack, was an Indian in the film. I didn’t think he even looked like and Indian. However, in my internet research I found some dialogue from the film where Billy Jack said that being an Indian isn’t just by birth, it’s a way of life. I guess that is why he was always being called an Indian even though he didn’t look like one.
As I said before I can only review what I saw or remember. I only saw about half of the movie. Remember I was 10 and with my Mom and Dad. I think it was at the Madison Theatre in Covington, Ky where we saw the film. My Mom and Dad had no problem with getting up and walking out of movie if they saw anything they objected to. Up came a nude scene with the female leading actress. My Mom and Dad stood up and took their 10 year old son and we left the theatre. I have no idea what happened from that point on. This was a movie with adults only in mind. As a kid I found it boring. Perhaps now that I am an adult if I see it on network TV (hopefully minus the nude scene) I will find it more entertaining and still get the message that it was trying to send.
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Booksteve said...

Actually, it's not "sometimes goes by," she CHANGED her name to Cisse Cameron more than 25 years ago. You definitely walked out on BILLY JACK before her memorable scene. If not, let's just say you would've walked out BECAUSE of her memorable scene.