Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Superhero Catalogue

It's amazing the stuff you store away in your basement and forget about. I went through a box in my basement yesterday and found more books and magazines I thought I sold or threw away. Thankfully I didn't do either. This one was a surprise. The Superhero Catalogue from Superhero Enterprises of Dover, NJ. The editor was Joe Kubert and art was by him and his students. It was a mail order catalogue. The only way they could have gotten your address was if you ordered from them from a comic book ad or perhaps they got it off a mailing list. The catalogue contained everything that you could hope to buy that was related to superheros back in 1977. I was 16 that summer and just got my driver's license. Most of my money was going for gas to get to my part-time job. So I didn't buy anything from this catalogue. Strange isn't it. It has been 29 years and the only difference is that now most of my money goes to gas to get me to my full time job. Posted by Picasa

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