Sunday, April 30, 2006

My breakfast with Uncle Al and Captain Wendy

The above picture is from the "Uncle Al Show" that was on WCPO TV in the 1960's. This was an early morning kids show that I remember watching during the breakfast hour. It starred AL Lewis and his wife Wanda as Captain Wendy. I wanted to show this on April 16th as "Uncle" Al Lewis is shown holding up that day's date being the 16th. However, the 16th was Easter so I waited till today. Captain Wendy is standing in the back next to the beanstalk holding up another child. I can't see the month but from the way the kids are dressed it looks like fall to me. I and my cousin's Rachel and Randy were on the show that day. It was my first glimpse behind the magic that was television. First teh kids were seperated into different age groups. Rachel was younger the Randy and I so she was off in one group while we were in another. Rachel's group went into one room while randy and I were led into another. It was the segment where Uncle Al and the kids were suppose to climb a beanstalk to meat Mr. Giant. There the Giant would show the kids cartoons. On the way in I was encountered with what I now know was a learning experience. A young lady stopped me on the way into the room and asked me if I wanted to be Mr. Policeman. In the Mr. Policeman segment you would dress like a traffic cop and Uncle Al would interview you. I was hoping I would get to be Mr. Policeman and now here was my chance. Randy was right behind me. I knew if I left for the segment that Randy would be left alone and there was no one in our group that he knew but me. I didn't want him to be alone so I said no to the offer of a lifetime. When I got in the room I was dissappointed to see that the Giant was just a plywood cut out and we were expected to sit and watch a cartoon on TV. I turned to say something to Randy but I couldn't find him. I looked everywhere. I couldn't even find Uncle Al. Why weren't they both there? Because when I turned it down Randy was asked next and he took the job. At that moment he was being interviewd by Uncle Al. I am happy that if I didn't take the offer that Randy did. I learned that if an oppertunity comes up that you want you should take it. If you look closely at the center of the picture you will see me. I am laughing very hard as I was on my favorite show and having the time of my life and I got to share it with two of my closest cousins who I dearly love. Randy is to my left and seated to my right is my other cousin Rachel. They had no idea that we were all related. It just worked out that way.
If you want to know more about the Uncle Al show you can click here to go to WCPO's website. Many interesting things about it there. Like till 2002 it was the longest running kids show in history. Even though it was canceled in the early 1980's. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi, i loved this !
I think im the kid Captain Wendy is holding you know the year ?
I think Dvd's are possible
to buy..but knowing the year would be helpful finding this episode..thanks !
And you are a cutie ! : )

Rick said...

I am sorry it took so long for me to post the year. The only person I know who would know the year was my Mom. Everytime I saw her I forgot to ask but yesterday she told me it was 1966 but I always thought it was 1967. So now you have 2 years that it is narrowed down to. I hope you are checking back from time to time and reading this. If so please let me know how I too can get a DVD of the show.