Saturday, May 06, 2006

JLA Live Action Movie

Ok now here is a movie that some of you may not have seen before. The live action movie version of the JLA. It was a pilot for a TV series in 1997. For some reason it was never released. I don’t know why. It was pretty good. I can understand how expensive it may have been to produce every week. Don’t you think that they should have at least showed the movie since it was already produced? The show has Miguel Ferrer as the villain the Weatherman. Why didn’t they call him the Weather Wizard? That seemed to me who he was really playing. The rest of the cast is pretty much unknown to me except for David Ogden Stiers as The Martian Manhunter. Yes Dr. Charles Emerson Winchester of MASH is every comic book lovers favorite martian superhero. He was the leader of the JLA in this movie. He stayed hidden from the rest of the world as he didn’t want to alarm the rest of Earth that a crash landed alien was living among them. He gave advice and orders to the younger superheroes Green Lantern, Flash, Atom, Fire and Ice. With the humor that was injected in the story it was really Keith Geffin’s version of the JLA. The Atom was really the JSA Golden Age Atom. They got things a little mixed up with the personalities of Green Lantern and Flash. GL was called Guy Gardner and looked and acted like Hal Jordan. Flash was Barry Allen but acted more like Wally West or perhaps Impulse. Maybe the writers didn’t read the comic book regularly or perhaps the personality switches made it easier to write. But for my money it would have been easier to go along with the story if they got the personalities right. At least they could have called GL Hal and not Guy. For a live action version of the JLA it was pretty good.
With the advancements in computer effects today perhaps we may see a regular weekly version one day soon. Posted by Picasa

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