Friday, May 05, 2006

Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams was billed as the most unusual triangle in the history of love. A boy, a girl and A Computer. It lived up to the billing. There were no big names in the film but Virginia Madsen and Maxwell Caulfield did eventually make names for themselves. Mr. Caulfield was not the star of the film. That went to Lenny Von Dohlen. He played Miles an architect who buys a new computer to help him design bricks that are earthquake proof. The computer steals the show with, as he is billed, special participation of Bud Cort, as the voice of Edgar the computer. The computer helps Miles get involved with Madeline the beautiful cellist who lives in the upstairs apartment. However, Edgar has fallen in love with her too. Edgar plays havoc with Miles life. He locks him out of the apartment, bounces his checks, and even calls the police. Steve Baron gained fame as the director of the Michael Jackson video Billie Jean. Since he directed the movie that may be why Jeff Lynne submitted a song to the soundtrack. His four year ban against movie soundtracks was over. This movie is a very light hearted and charming romantic comedy. I recommend it to anyone who likes this type of film. Unfortunately this is one that may not have done well at the boxoffice. I never heard of the film till it got to the video stores. If you see this for sale or rental I highly recommend that you get it. Posted by Picasa

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