Saturday, August 19, 2006

Marvel Comics Calendar 1977

What you see above is 90% of the cover of Marvel Comics 1977 calendar. This was given to me in 1976 as a Christmas gift from my cousin Steve. Normally I really don't like getting calendar's as gifts but this turned out to be a good gift for me. It has wonderful art from the cream of the crop of the comic book industry in the 70's. You see it gave you little bits of information on any comic book fans favorite hobby. Not just the birthdates of your favorite artist but also dates when certain books were published and when important storylines and characters took place. Now the dates may not always be accurate but I am sure they are close. As you can see I have kept this calendar for 30 years and except for a hole that something ate through the month of November, perhaps I ate too much at Thanksgiving, the calendar is in fine condition. I have found the trivia so interesting that I still read it to this day. When was the last time you heard someone say they had read a calendar and they weren't talking about the date? With Christmas only a few months away keep in mind your friends and relatives favorite hobbies if you decided to get them a calendar. Posted by Picasa

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