Monday, January 02, 2006

A Brown Superman Suit?

I just got "The Adventures of Superman" season one on DVD. On one of the episode commentaries they reminded me that George Reeves wore a brown suit in the black and white episodes. They did that as they found that it looked better in black and white. He only wore the blue suit when they started shooting them in color. Mary Spooner of the George Reeves website gave me permission to use some photos from her site. Mary runs a very good looking site. On it you will find the series of B films that Mr. Reeves did. Some of them were "Man At Large", "So Proudly We Hail", "Calling All Husbands", "Always A Bride", "Hoppy Serves A Writ" and "Adventures of Sir Galahad" I hope you like the look at the Superman brown suit above and you can go to Mary's site by clicking on the title or click here Posted by Picasa

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