Friday, January 06, 2006

Teen Titans 31 Hank and Don Hall are back...well not really

I bought this issue of Teen titans because Hawk and Dove are on the cover. Yes I know they look like the bad guys on the cover but who knows how the story would evolve. They may wind up back and as memebers of the Titans again. If so that would get me buyin this book every month. Saddly they were only back as zombies and easily gotten rid of. But maybe something is in the air and we will have them back. I still don't know what the pages of Captain Carrot had to do with the story but it was nice to see the Zoo Crew back and it is always good to see Scott Shaw! art. It looked abit different then the last time I saw him do the Zoo Crew but sometimes things change. Posted by Picasa

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