Friday, January 06, 2006

It's That Time Again Vol. 3 Cover

Here it is a look at the cover art for "It's That Time Again Volume 3" It's not too late to order a copy before it is published in Feburary. It has wonderful stories based on old time radio charactors. Here is a list of the contributors.
Cover by Bobb Lynes
Foreword by Norman Corwin
NOVELETTE Jack Armstrong/Tom Mix -- Jim Harmon
SHORT STORIES Whistler/Mysterious Traveler -- Richard A. Lupoff
Jimmie Allen/Gene Autry -- Jon Swartz, Ph. D. and Jim Harmon
Sherlock Holmes/Raffles -- Gareth Tilley
Johnny Madero/Jeff Regan -- Robert C. Reinehr
Johnny Dollar/Duffy's Tavern -- Steve Thompson (Booksteve's Library
ack Benny/Richard Diamond-- Michael Leannah
Captain Midnight/Sky King -- Steve Kallis
Gunsmoke/Have Gun Will Travel -- Martin Grams Jr.
Buck Jones/Wild Bill Elliott -- T. Wayne Clay
The Bickersons/Fibber McGee and Molly -- Barbara Gratz
Casey Crime Photographer/Man in Black from Suspense -- Dawn Kovner
War of the Worlds/Man of Action ("cloaked" Superman) -- Rick Phillips (yours truly)
Mary Noble/Lum and Abner -- John Leasure
Just Plain Bill/Halls of Ivy -- Ted Kneebone
Box 13/Candy Matson -- T. Waye Clay
Gildersleeve/Honest Harold -- Justin Felix
Vic and Sade/Aunt Fanny from Breakfast Club -- George Fowler
Bob Hope/Dangerous Assignment -- Mark Justice
Sea Hound/Scarlet Queen -- Jon Swartz
Peter Quill/Tailspin Tommy -- Jim Harmon
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