Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The first Monkeemobile

Mary Spooner of just gave me some copies of photos of the Monkees from her personal collection. Some of them I had not seen before. This one I had seen before but it was in black and white. I show it as it is interesting to see the first Monkeemobile. I have not always been good at identifying cars on site. The above looks like a Jag to me but I am not certain. Anybody reading this know what it is? Posted by Picasa

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Riley said...

That's probably a '58 or '59 MG A. I've never seen this pic before either, and it's pretty cool. Dean Jeffries built the main Monkee Mobile and customized a dune buggy for a couple of episodes. The dune buggy was called "Kyote" and Dean still can repo those toady. My buddy Ken has one in his garage.