Sunday, January 01, 2006

Who really killed Sue Dibny?

I know Identity Crisis was last year but I waited till the collected graphic novel came out and got it as a Christmas gift. I am glad I did as I might have missed this. Jean Loring is suppose to have killed Sue Dibny by using her husbands suit and powers to shrink down and go through the phone line enter Sue's brain and enlarged. Then she tried to hide that fact by burning the body. However, if you examine one page Sue hung up the phone and had enough time to look around when she heard a noise. We assumed the noise was made by Jean Loring who waited for Sue to collapse and then set fire to the body. However, near the end of the series when Jean is telling Ray Palmer about it Sue Dibny seems to collapse immediately after hanging up the phone with no time to look for Jean. Now that just may be a blooper but it could suggest that if Sue really did have time to look around then perhaps someone else was in the house. Perhaps Jean didn't kill Sue and maybe someone else was in the house and killed her. Jean assumed that Sue collapsed when she came out of her brain. Thinking that she killed Sue she tried to dispose of the body. In any case Jean may really be innocent. Everything that happened may really have caused her to go insane but Jean may not have killed anyone. Take a look at the pages above. You may have to click on them to enlarge and rotate them but it should show you what I am talking about. Sorry that I couldn't get the photos upright but this is the best I can do at the time. Posted by Picasa

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