Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Archie #564

I just finished reading Archie #564. As always it was a quick and entertaining read. The first story is called "The Parent Trap." Mr. Andrews goes to school with Archie on get to know your teen day. Of course he winds up paying for all of Archie's mistakes and suggest the get away from your teen day.
The next story is "The Big Thaw." Veronica gives Archie the cold shoulder after he forgets to pick her up for a date. After that it is a battle between Betty and Veronica as to who can thaw him out the best. In "The Simple Life" Archie finds that showing Betty how much he appreciates her is not that simple.
Finally, in "It Takes One To Know One!" we finally, at least I finally do, get to meet one of Archie's Grandfather's. I'm not certain which Grandfather it is but since Mrs. Andrews called on him I believe it to be her Dad. I the story he tries to help Archie stop being so messy.
This was a good issue. The only problem I have with this issue and others that have updated Archie is that the Ford Model A jalopy is replace by a Ford Mustang convertable. I know that is a small concern but it would be like replacing the Batmobile with a Lincoln Town Car. However, if you are an Archie fan this book will not disappoint you. Posted by Picasa

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