Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Aunt Harriet

I have always wondered where Aunt Harriet came from on Batman the TV show. I have always heard that she was in the comic book and not just added for the show. However, I have never read one of the books that she was in. I have read that she came to help Bruce Wayne raise Dick Grayson when it looked like Alfred had died. I was not old enough to read yet when those stories came out and have never seen them anywhere. I am sure that they are in some archive edition if not they soon will be. I know those editions are more affordable then the orignials but I still can't afford nearly $50 for one book. But that is another story. Now all that I have said I an sure happened. There is too much of it written about. What I want to know is where she went. Did she die? Did she move? When she went did she get a big send off? If she did it must not have been a memorable one. I have searched the internet for information on her and just found the samethings that I mentioned above. I did find some sites dedicated to Madge Blake the actress who played Aunt Harriet on the Batman TV show. I knew the show ended in 1968 but didn't know that Miss Blake died of a heart attack in Feb. 1969. Posted by Picasa

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